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A good service team is along with us.

Urjamithra Kalamassery has set up as a part of setting up of UrjaMithra-Akshaya service centers across the state on behalf of ANERT ( Agency for Non Conventional Energy and Rural Technology), an Autonomous institution under Government of Kerala in order to provide services to the public in the areas of identification and selection of appropriate renewable energy equipment/devices, installation, technical support and effective and timely maintenance of the renewable energy devices installed at public places and households. We urjamithra is ready to provide guidelines, service and possibilities to renewable energy project.

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Urjamithra recognize the importance of every step taken towards to building a greener and safer future. By harnessing the inexhaustible energy of the sun, we offer efficient and advanced solutions for energy requirements for today and tomorrow.

As a New Firm in the Solar Industry We are focus to implement Commercial & Domestic solar plants and other Renewable energy equipments in the kerala’s largest Industrial belt.such as Major Industrial Estate Kalamassery, HMT ancillary Unit, KINFRA Park, Bio-Technology Park,Edayar Industrial Estate, Major Factories like FACT,TCC Ltd. HIL, IRE, Hindalco Industries Ltd. Appolo etc.

We have a Good Public Relations team with us. They design the solar education to public along with ‘Kudumbasree’and various organizations . A group of Renewable Energy Graduates, work with us as Project Trainees. That brighten the future of Solar Energy and also Urjamithra

Urjamithra was set up in 2019 in Kalamassery, Kerala, India with a focus on developing Solar as sustainable energy alternative India. Our energy solutions are viable both in the near term and over the longer term providing maximum energy We strongly believe in the sun’s potential to significantly address the problems associated with power obtained from non-renewable sources of energy. It is with this passion that we aim to work and provide solar solutions to renewable energy users.. Quality has always been of utmost priority for us, and with this drive we challenge ourselves to provide the same in the most cost effective manner